Group classes at Saltstone Ceramics are a fun way to meet new people and explore your creative potential or continue to expand your artistic voice.


8 Week Pottery Course

We offer weekly pottery classes in Seattle in eight week blocks. Each class session is three hours long. During a typical eight week block you can expect to practice throwing on the wheel and hand building as well as different glaze techniques and types of firing. You will end the 8 weeks with a cool new skill and some pottery you made yourself! Classes are small, only four students, and are appropriate for students with a range of experience and skill with ceramics. Rather than having a set curriculum, we work on specific skills that we think are important to acquire when learning to make pottery. Our approach allows every student to move at their own pace. We also encourage students to research, sketch, take notes, and look at the work of other artists; and we will adapt our lessons to fit students' interests. Classes are currently offered on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Evenings from 6:30 - 9:30PM and on Wednesday mornings from 9:30AM - 12:30PM.

Check out our about page to learn more about our instructors!

Summer Classes are full - Fall classes will open for registration on Friday, August 3rd at noon. Fall classes will start the week of September 10th and finish the week of November 29th.



Eight week classes are $350. Fee includes:

  • some tools and materials
  • up to 25lbs of clay
  • glaze and finishing materials
  • bisque and glaze firings
  • beautiful pottery that you made!

Because the adult classes are small, they tend to fill up quickly. Want to be notified when we publish new classes? Sign up for our newsletter!