Planters and Plant Hangers Workshop - April 6th and 27th, 1-5pm

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With Sarah Steininger Leroux and Ashley Campbell

Have you gone all in on the houseplant craze? Do you have more plant babies than you have pots to put them in? We’re here for you! In this two-day workshop you can make your own ceramic planter and a hanger to put it in.

On the first day (April 6th), Sarah Steininger Leroux will lead students in making 1 or 2 medium-sized stoneware planters using slab and coil hand-building techniques, and then decorate them using paper stencils and colorful under-glazes.

On the second day (April 27th), professional fiber artist Ashley Campbell will teach gorgeous macrame techniques so students can hang their planters in style.

Remember: hanging planters make GREAT Mother’s day gifts!

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience with clay and is open to students 16 and older. This workshop spans two Saturdays: April 6th and April 27th, and is from 1pm to 5pm on both days.

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