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Drop-in Sessions

Do you know your way around our pottery studio? Want to pop in for a fun afternoon of clay? Now you can, because we're offering drop-in studio sessions for students who have previously taken an eight-week class with us.

We want to keep our staff and students as healthy as possible, so we've upgraded the studio with new airflow systems, isolated work stations, and new cleaning processes. Masks are required in the studio at all times.

The cost is $40 for one four-hour session. You can store your in-progress work with us and we'll fire it when you're ready to bring your creations to life. See below for more details.

How It Works

  1. Drop-in sessions are only open to students who have taken an eight-week class with us in the past. (We'd love to bring in everybody, but our resources are limited right now). If you took a Clay Curious session or a private lesson with us, please hold off on registering for a drop-in session for now.
  2. Each drop-in session lasts four hours, and costs $40. You can pay for your session when you arrive and get set up.
  3. Students will be able to leave their work-in-progress in a dedicated shelf space for up to 10 days before moving it along in the process.
  4. Students must sign our new waiver or already have one on file with us.
  5. During open studio, you can throw, hand-build, glaze, and use any of the available studio equipment. Let your imagination be your guide! Just make sure to stay socially distant from others in the studio, wear your mask and wash your hands regularly.
  6. This isn't a regular class and unfortunately we won't be providing one-on-one instruction. Of course we'll be happy to answer questions about the studio and our processes, but if you need more in-depth instruction a private lesson is always a good option.
  7. Students will be oriented on how to clean and sanitize the areas and tools they used. Students must follow all of our cleaning and sanitation protocol during and at the end of their drop-in session.
  8. To protect our kiln, we don't allow outside clays or glazes to be fired in it. Drop-in students can buy clay through us, and will receive a 50% discount on firing services. 

Interested? Check out the calendar below and sign up for a drop-in session. See you at the studio!

Note: to make things faster and reduce staff contact during your session, we've made a change so that you now pay for your appointment in advance. Appointments are still cancelable for a full refund, up to 12 hours before your session starts.