Queer And Dear

A Celebration of Ceramics by Queer Artists from Seattle and Beyond!
Queer and Dear is open online and in-store from June 5th to July 28th. And definitely join us for an Artists' Reception on Saturday, July 13th from 11am to 1pm!
As a queer-owned business, we're proud to be filling our gallery with work by Queer Artists from Seattle and beyond. This show is curated by our own Coco Spadoni, who offers this perspective:
"One of the most miraculous parts of the queer community is how delight, play, and tenderness are a primary source of healing, and help us establish our sense of selves. Those same lessons are often a necessary part of working with clay, and are what keep us potters making. This exhibition, Queer and Dear, features ceramic artists that are embodying these principles in their work and spirit. With the intention to display work that is as diverse at the identities within the LGBTQIA+ community the work featured in this show highlights a multitude of different styles and expressions of clay.
You are invited to come in and view (or even hug or hold), each artist’s work. We are happy to represent Devin Ball, Taylor Callaway, Jess Grady-Benson, Courtney Hassmann, Phi Le, Anika Major, Caitlin Reynolds, Jodi Rockwell, Coco Spadoni, and Maliya Travers-Crumb for this show at Saltstone Ceramics."