Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great way to get personalized attention and instruction, one-on-one with one of our fantastic instructors. Whether it is your first time touching clay or you are working toward perfecting your craft, we'd love to help. You can focus on the specific skills and techniques you’d like to learn, have a relaxing, creative team-building session with your coworkers... or just play with clay for a few hours.

Our most popular "Introduction to the Pottery Wheel" lesson is taught by Coco Spadoni. They will guide you through a fun hands-on lesson that covers the basics of wheel throwing: wedging, centering, opening, and raising. And at the end of your lesson, you can pick the best of your new creations to be trimmed, glazed, and fired! (Your piece will usually be ready in about two weeks.) We also have instructors who specialize in hand-building, surface decoration, and many other pottery techniques. Let us know if you're looking for something special.

Private lessons are two hours long and pricing varies depending on the number of people in your group. Students must be 14 years old or older.

We take a $50 deposit to reserve your time in the studio; this is fully refundable if you change your mind and let us know more than 72 hours in advance. We'll take payment for the remainder from you via credit card at the end of your lesson. If you'd like to pay with a gift card, please use a credit card to reserve your appointment; you can then pay the full balance with a gift card after your lesson. We encourage you to include a tip if you enjoy your time in the studio. 

Note that health regulations require us to check vaccination status for folks who use our pottery studio. Starting October 25th, everyone taking a private lesson must either be fully vaccinated or have a recent negative covid test. You can read more about this policy here.

FAQ: Is there an age limit for private lessons?

Wheel throwing takes a bit of strength and coordination, and kids can find it too challenging during just one two-hour session. For this reason, we require private lesson students to be 14 years old or older. There is no upper age limit. 

Want to give a Private Lesson as a gift?

Fantastic! If you want to pick a date for your recipient, use the form below. Don't worry if you get the date wrong–you can easily reschedule if you give us enough notice.

You'll pay a deposit on the lesson when you make the reservation. If you want to pay for the rest of the lesson in advance, just send us an email and we'll make arrangements. Otherwise, we'll collect the balance of payment after the lesson.

FAQ: What if I don't know what dates will work?

You've got two options! First, you can make your best guess at a date that works, and then reschedule later if that's no good. (We require you reschedule at least three days in advance, but would love at least a week's notice.). Just fill out the form below.

Alternately, you can give a gift card! Gift cards work for anything we sell, including handmade housewares, classes, workshops, and, of course, private lessons. But read on...

FAQ: How do I book a private lesson with a gift card?

Unfortunately our booking software uses a different payment processing system than our regular store. This means that gift cards can't be used to pay the deposit on your private lesson. However! We will happily refund your deposit back to your credit card once you're at the studio, and then you can use the gift card to pay for the whole thing. Sorry about the extra rigamarole, but it's the best we can do right now.

So to recap: use a credit card to book your lesson up front, and then we'll use your gift card to pay for the whole thing when you're at the studio.

FAQ: What is your mask policy?

You can read about our current masking policy here.


Use the form below to pick a date and time and book your private lesson!

NOTE: To make sure we can keep paying our staff a reasonable wage, prices are going up starting January 1st, 2022.

Private lessons that happen in 2021 will be charged at the old rates. Lessons that happen in 2022 will use the new rates (even if booked in 2021). The booking deposit is still $50.


Any questions? We'd love to help out....get in touch!