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Date Night Friday June 21st 7-9pm

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Our Date Night is a one-time session where you can learn the wheel, and maybe even reenact that one scene from Ghost. Maybe.

In this two-hour lesson, our friendly instructor will give you a demonstration of how to throw a cup and then let you give it a “whirl” (with a helping hand along the way of course)! You’ll learn how to center clay on the wheel, create an open form, and raise up the sides to a make beautiful cup with your own hands.

Each student will get to keep one piece of their choice. We will do all the firing and glazing for you, and notify you once they are ready for pick up (usually takes three weeks).

This class is for recommended for adults, age 18 and older. Price is per person.

(Note: A date is not required. Or bring more than one! Curmedgeons, singles, couples, and thruples are all welcome. Price is per person. Except for age guidelines, this class is identical to our Saturday Clay Curious.)


If you're giving this class as a gift and want to keep it a surprise, use your own contact info here. If you need to provide separate contact info for more than one student, add the classes to your cart one at a time.