Mug Madness 2020 Entry

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Mug Madness 2020 Entry
Mug Madness 2020 Entry

Please include materials, firing technique(s), and size; as well as anything else that can help us to understand your work.

Your entry will primarily be juried based on the photo you send. Make it count! Use bright, even lighting and an uncluttered background.

Mug Madness 2020 Entries are now closed! 

But you can still participate:

  • Tell your friends that Mug Madness is coming!
  • Vote for your favorite mugs on our Instagram feed all March long!
  • This March, shop for mugs in our gallery or online!
  • Seek out and support ceramicists in your own community!

All for Mugs! Mugs for All! 

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