Make Your Own Dinnerware Set Workshop - July 21st and September 22nd

Make Your Own Dinnerware Set Workshop - July 21st and September 22nd


Set your table entirely with dinnerware you made yourself!

In this two session workshop, students will design and make their own dinnerware set using bisque molds and slab-building techniques.

Day one - Saturday, July 21st 10am - 4pm:

Students will use wet clay to build their own molds for a three-piece dinnerware set and learn how to use the molds to make six place settings. Students will leave the molds to dry and be bisque-fired.

In-between classes:

Students will pick up their fired molds and bring them home. While at home, using the slab-building techniques taught in day one, students will use the molds to make up to six place settings. Once the dinnerware is dry, students will bring the work back to the studio for bisque firing.

Day two, Saturday, September 22nd, 10am - 4pm:

Students will learn basic glazing techniques and use studio glazes to decorate and glaze their dinnerware. 

Fired dinnerware will be available for pick-up within one month of the second day.

All materials and some tools will be provided, students will need to purchase a few basic tools of their own, all of which should be available at a thrift or discount store.

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Dates: Two Saturdays, 2 months apart - July 21st and September 22nd

Time: 10am - 4pm both days

Location: Saltstone Ceramics, 120 NW 135th Pl. Seattle, WA, 98177

Details: All clay and glaze will be provided. Students are welcome to use studio tools during class days. Students will need to purchase a rolling pin, a paring, fettling, or other small knife, and two 2'X2' pieces of canvas or other heavy cotton fabric.