☀️ Ceramics for Summer ☀️

Saltstone Ceramics

At Saltstone Ceramics, we're fans of using ceramics all year round. We asked our staff and members for their favorite ceramic pieces to use in sunny weather!

"Spring time means farmers market and seasonal greens. Giant serving bowls are perfect for salads and picnics!" - Alex 

"I'm a big fan of using a handle-less cup (like SSL or Cocos) to drink wine or a cocktail either on a patio or a rooftop :)" - Sam

"I do a lot of planting in spring and summer, so planters of all kinds" - Sarah

"I like to make vases in the spring/summer! Also second the handle-less cup in the summer - it’s great for iced tea and coffee and also big cups for smoothies! Also berry bowls for picking fruits and veggies from the garden." - Sam Block

"I like vases too but, to tell the truth I always like them:grin: also, I put random pots in the yard for extra color." - Julie

"I love trying seasonal pastries at local bakeries like Grand Central, Sea Wolf, Temple and Flourbox. I always grab an extra to enjoy at home on one of my ceramics plates. There's nothing like a quiet morning with a cup of tea and a sweet treat." -Liz

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