About Us

Saltstone Ceramics is a place where everyone is welcomed to discover a valuable connection with a creative working community.

We are a ceramic art and pottery studio in Northwest Seattle. We sell the best ceramics and other handmade goods with an emphasis on local and regional artists producing contemporary, functional wares. We also offer classes, workshops, private lessons, and studio rental.

Saltstone Ceramics was founded on the belief that the most common parts of our lives should be the most beautiful. Every object tells us a story; we believe in story-filled lives.

We Support Artists

As working artists, we know how difficult it is to strike a balance between making art and making a living. Years of practice, experience, and insight are behind every piece that comes out of the studio.

We work to bridge the gap between artisans and the wider community. We believe that locally-produced crafts are an essential part of a healthy economy and a thriving culture.

We are committed to supporting every artist who comes into the studio, regardless of where they are on their journey.

About Our Team

Saltstone Ceramics was founded by Sarah Steininger Leroux. Sarah has a bachelor’s of arts degree in ceramics and sculpture from Goshen College in Goshen, Indiana, and a masters of fine arts degree in organizational leadership from Seattle University in Seattle, Washington.  Sarah has a varied background in art and nonprofit work – working in two production ceramic studios, as an art center teacher, starting a small clothing design company,  collaborating on a small arts fundraising organization, and working as a manager and director at several Seattle-area nonprofits for over fifteen years.

Steve Leroux (co-owner) has a background in furniture design, software engineering, and entrepreneurship. Steve can occasionally be seen working in the gallery, but mostly you’ll find him behind the scenes, managing the website and running our annual Mug Madness tournament.

Coco Spadoni (instructor) has been a part of Saltstone ceramics since Fall 2017, and teaches the Friday afternoon class. They have studied under a Canadian artist, Sandra Dolph, and completed a work-study program at Pottery Northwest. With over five years of experience, they make both functional pottery and hand-built sculpture.

Phi Le (instructor) started teaching at Saltstone Ceramics in September, 2017. Phi has been doing pottery professionally for 13 years, and has taught adults and kids at the Alki Beach Bathhouse and the Seward Park Clay Studio, as well as private lessons in their own studio. Phi studied ceramics at the University of Washington and is now a full-time potter, selling their work at the Pike Place Market and online. Check out their work here!



Gallery Owner, Creative Director, Instructor


Instructor & Studio Representative

Gallery Representative, Instructor

Taylor and Io
Studio Technician

Studio Assistant



Grace Martinez

Online Outreach, Handyperson


Join our team

While we don’t have immediate job openings, we are always looking for people who are passionate about spreading the joy of ceramics to the wider world. We’d love to have your information on file if any of the following positions sound interesting to you.

Saltstone Ceramics is an equal-opportunity employer and encourages applicants from a diverse set of backgrounds to get in touch: info@saltstoneceramics.com.

Ceramics Instructors

We are looking for warm, friendly folks with a passion for teaching and community building. Instructors should have at least five years experience as a ceramicist, and demonstrate a consistent body of work. Teaching experience is preferred. We are particularly interested in folks with proposals for workshops that would be of interest to our growing community of potters.

Studio Assistants

Studio assistants help to maintain the physical and cultural space of the studio. They clean the studio, load and unload the kiln, mix glazes, create amazing work, and perform countless other duties in the studio. This is an unpaid internship. Studio Assistants have full access to the studio to pursue their own work.

Gallery and Studio Representative

Gallery and Studio Representatives open and close the gallery, sell ceramics, check in students during open studio hours, answer questions for the general public, and generally keep the studio machinery well-oiled. This is a part-time position with regularly-scheduled shifts.