Deal of the Week: Stimulation Nation

Steve Leroux

We've got a definite morning routine.

Sarah gets up first and makes the coffee, then disappears for an hour of alone time until the caffeine has fully taken hold. I get out of bed a little later and start my day with a few cups of coffee alongside eggs-on-greens and a slice of homemade sourdough. And then our daughter grumbles out of bed at Teenager O'Clock and eats her daily bread-dipped-in-oil-and-balsamic at the counter... she hates everything about coffee, but does enjoy the occasional sweet milk. And we find her stimulating enough just the way she is.

Meanwhile, The US Federal Government is doing its part to get us stimulated: sending out stimulant checks to help protect the economy during the coronavirus epidemic. For many folks, this money is desperately needed, and is going to just barely cover the basics for a month. But for others, this check represents a chance to do some deliberate economic planning: they're spending it directly with local small businesses. Small businesses like us!

As always, we've got hundreds of beautiful handmade products in our shop (with more coming every week). But to help you get extra stimulated, we've put together a package of deals to celebrate the caffeine in our lives. For this week's deal, we've got 10% to 25% discounts off everything you need to make a beautiful cup of your favorite hot beverage.

Mountain Series TeapotFluted Tea BowlCarved Teapot by AyameRiver Mug and Pour Over

We've got even more goodies on sale in this collection... click here to see them all. An automatic 10% discount will happen when you checkout, which is in addition to deeper discounts we're offering on a few select items.

White TeapotFaceted Shino Tea BowlRiver Coffee PotWood Fired Cup

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