Meet the New Owners

Saltstone Ceramics

As of January 1st, Liz, Sam and Jude have officially become the co-owners of Saltstone Ceramics. While many of you may have already met us around the studio, we wanted to introduce ourselves to the entire community.

"While living in Wallingford, I spent many moments at the Saltstone Ceramics window display. Moments at the studio became hours when I enrolled as a student and eventually became an employee. Working with clay has given me the space to find quiet moments, express myself, and have fun. I am incredibly grateful to have a community to share this experience. Sarah and Steve have created a special place. Their kindness, resourcefulness, and love of ceramics are present throughout the studio. I am honored to work with the Saltstone team and excited to continue supporting this wonderful community."

"I am so excited to continue at Saltstone in a new role as Co-Owner alongside Liz and Jude. Having struggled with mental health in recent years, I started working here when I decided to make a career shift and focus on what has always brought me the most joy: creativity. It's hard to verbalize the impact Saltstone Ceramics has had on my personal growth and exploration, and I'm so grateful to my coworkers (especially Sarah and Steve!) for embracing me and creating this space. I can't wait to continue to foster and grow the studio's community to reach others who could use a creative outlet."

"I wish I could properly express how honored I am to have been given this opportunity. I’ve never been a part of a studio community like this, one that values people so much over profit. One that doesn’t just work with but understands me as a neurodivergent person. I’ve never felt so secure and so appreciated in a position, and to be able to continue this kind of work and do what I love as an instructor and artist, well that’s everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better team and more secure co-owners than Liz and Sam. I thank and appreciate Sarah for creating this space and for putting her entire heart into the creation of Saltstone, and I couldn’t have asked for better bosses than Sarah and Steve. There’s so much to say, but mostly I just hope to bring the utmost integrity and security to this community that I can."

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