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Anika Major

Anika Major is a Texas-born ceramic artist living in Seattle, Washington. Anika graduated from the University of North Texas, and received her BFA in ceramics and painting. She moved to Seattle in 2018, working as an assistant at Rat City Studios to artist Deb Schwartzkopf. Anika has since become the studio manager at sister studio Rain City Clay. Anika has been teaching clay classes in the greater Seattle area for the last 4 years, and maintains a full-time studio practice creating thrown and handbuilt functional pottery. She combines her love of clay and figure painting in her colorful painted pots. The shapes of her pots imitate the lumpiness of the human body, and her surfaces come alive with expressive and flamboyant heroines. Anika’s narratives of romance and queer domestic comforts are informed by her affinity for the pageantry of the rodeo, and the symbolism of the glamorous and feminine cowgirl.

Yee Haw Cowbabe Sipper

Yee Haw Cowbabe Sipper

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