Josiah Concho

Josiah Concho comes from two beautiful homes in Tohatchi, New Mexico (Navajo Nation) and Aa’ku, also known as Acoma Pueblo. Mr. Concho graduated from The University of New Mexico in 2019, where he earned his B.A. in Environmental Planning and Design, with a concentration in Community Regional Planning.

His first experience with art began in high school, where three memorable teachers encouraged him to take their classes. Starting with drawing, he learned the designs of Acoma pottery based off the pottery he had in his home. As he developed his skills, he started to paint on canvases, shoes, wood, clothing, and paper. Overtime, he wanted to take it a step further and began experimenting with clay, Eventually, he began constructing his own pottery using traditional materials from back home. With passion he learned the extensive process of making Pueblo pottery.

Josiah believes that his artwork has allowed him to travel places, meet new people, and take opportunities that allow him to grow as a person. As an Indigenous artist, Josiah finds it important to continue this art practice from the past and carry it on for future generations.

Message from Josiah: “I really love my art and I am very proud of it. I find inspiration in everything I do and try my best to find a learning opportunity every day. Personally, I believe that everyone can use their hands to make something special. It’s just up to them when they want to use it.”

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