Sara Truman

Sara Truman is a ceramic artist and educator living in Gainesville, FL. She has her BFA from Western Kentucky University, in Bowling Green, KY, (2007) and her MFA from the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS (2012). She is co-owner of Studio T/M Pottery & Clay, which serves as her studio space, in addition to offering community classes and a 1-year studio assistantship.

Artist Statement

My current investigations in clay are a direct relation to my own daily rituals. A handmade mug for coffee in the morning, a tumbler for water throughout the day, and a voluminous teabowl for tea in the evening. As a vessel maker these utilitarian objects keep me excitedly making to find my next favorite in a series. I believe the more voluptuous the form the better for both containment and consumption. I accentuate my forms with layers of colored slips and terra sigilattas. These bursts of color are a direct connection to my background as a painter. I use earthenware and leave intentional marks as I draw my hands through the slip to create decoration and surface depth; this also serves as a link to the history of the material. The record of each piece’s making is left on the pot through these delineations.

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