Our QUEER AND DEAR show opens June 5th, featuring work from a dozen LGBTQ artists. Stay tuned for more info!

Artist Info

Saltstone Ceramics is run by artists, for artists.

As working artists ourselves, we value the effort that goes into making high-quality work. We want to make sure everyone — the artist, the gallery, and the end purchaser — feels good about the work they do and the value they receive. We believe the craft movement is an important part of a healthy local economy, and we’re proud to support it.

In general we’re looking for high-quality, locally-produced functional ceramics. Occasionally we expand the gallery to include non-ceramic goods such as woodworking, jewelry, and textiles. Goods are typically sold on commission.

If you think your work would be a good fit for our gallery, we’d love to hear from you. Send an email to us at gallery@saltstoneceramics.com.

Upcoming Shows

April Showers/May Flowers. We'll be focusing on all the best ways to show off your green thumb this spring. Think plant pots, terrariums, vases, plant stands, and more....