Artist Info

Saltstone Ceramics is run by artists, for artists.

As working artists ourselves, we value the effort that goes into making high-quality work. We want to make sure everyone — the artist, the gallery, and the end purchaser — feels good about the work they do and the value they receive. We believe the craft movement is an important part of a healthy local economy, and we’re proud to support it.

In general we’re looking for high-quality, locally-produced, contemporary functional ceramics. Occasionally we expand the gallery to include non-ceramic goods such as woodworking, jewelry, and textiles. Goods are typically sold on commission.

If you'd like us to consider your work for inclusion in the gallery, please send us an email at Include photos and descriptions of the work that you think would make a good fit. For each piece, also include a suggested retail price, and whether it is one-of-a-kind, one in a series of similar pieces, or something for which you can provide multiple pieces that are more-or-less the same.

We often have themed gallery shows through the year (March Mug Madness, May Garden Delights, June Queer & Dear, and others) and will seek out artists with specific styles or backgrounds for these shows. Otherwise, we generally start looking in the summer for artists that would be a good fit for our fall/holiday shows.

Please understand that we get a lot of requests from artists to carry their work. We try to respond to everyone, but it might take a while.