All About The Lottery

    Summer 2024 8 week classes are available now. Fall 2024 Lottery Coming in July!

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    Lottery Tickets

    If you're interested in taking an eight-week class, just put a free lottery ticket  in your cart and check out. No purchase is necessary, and you're under no obligation to buy a class. Lottery tickets are available in two week spans before class registration, we recommend joining the newsletter for lottery schedules.

    There's no advantage to signing up earlier or later; as long as you enter the lottery before it closes.

    Lottery tickets are assigned to your account, so you'll need to login or register for an account before you can get a ticket. You only need to enter each lottery once per quarter; the same lottery is being used for access to all eight-week classes in a given quarter. You can always check the status of your lottery entry by visiting your account page.

    Lottery Drawing

    Once the lottery closes, we'll then randomly assign access times to each person who entered the lottery. The day after the lottery closes, everyone who enters the lottery will receive an email with details about when they'll be eligible to buy a class.

    Please respect the integrity of our lottery by only entering once. If we notice multiple accounts for one person, we will remove duplicate entries.


    Make sure you're logged in to the same account you used to purchase your lottery ticket. Then visit the page for the class you want to buy. You'll see an updated countdown that's specific to your account. When it hits zero, you can buy the class.

    You'll have as much time as you like to buy your class, although do remember that other folks will likely be shopping at the same time as you. Putting a class into your cart doesn't guarantee that you'll be able to buy it; you'll need to complete checkout and payment.

    You can buy up to two classes with one lottery ticket.

    Once lottery entrants have all gained access, the remaining class spots will open to the public.

    What about current students?

    In order to help our students maintain continuity in their practice, existing students are allowed to register ahead of the general public.

    Does this change mean you're giving away free classes?

    No, this lottery is how we're randomly assigning access times to buy classes. 

    When my lottery ticket is drawn, how do I know I'll get into the class I want?

    The lottery is used to assign access times in a random way, and we're unable to guarantee availability for any particular class (or any class at all). If past demand is any indication, the majority of people who enter the lottery will not be able to buy a class.

    What about waitlists?

    Waitlists will open up once classes are full, regardless of your place in the lottery.

    Why a lottery?

    As part of our 2022 equity initiatives, we have changed the registration system for our upcoming eight-week classes.

    Starting in December 2022, we've been using a lottery to assign the opportunity to buy classes. A lottery-style registration will remove some of the time pressure on registration (classes will no longer sell out in minutes). This also makes registration more accessible for people who have less flexibility or access to computers during the day.

    This change will be used for all eight-week classes moving forward. Please plan ahead and read the following information below to understand how this lottery-style registration will work.

    We know this system will be quite a change for our student body. We strongly feel that it is needed to address equity in registration and to allow for a more fair way to sign up for classes.

    I have a question!

    Great! Please don't hesitate to reach out and we'll get back to you.