Every year we're excited to see the ceramics community rally around our Mug Madness tournament. We really do see it as a community effort: from the artists who make the work, to the team at Saltstone Ceramics that puts together the exhibition, and on to the fans who vote and cheer for their favorites.

We're also proud of the fact that, for many folks, Mug Madness is their first time entering a juried show. We're working hard to create an exhibition that lowers the barriers to entry as much as possible, and tries to make viewing the show as fun and engaging as possible.

But it doesn't get anywhere without hundreds of artists creating beautiful mugs. Help us create a fantastic tournament with a talented, diverse set of participants: spread the word! Mug Madness 2021 entries are due by Friday, January 15th.

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A Quick Copy-and-Paste Blurb

Mug Madness is a juried mug show with the goal of bringing ceramics artists and fans together in a fun, engaging way, all March long. Sixty-four mugs are selected by two jurors (this year: Michelle Ettrick and Chris Hosbach) to compete head-to-head for a $500 prize and the title of Mug Madness Champion. Entries are due January 15th.

About Saltstone Ceramics

Saltstone Ceramics is a place where everyone is welcomed to discover a valuable connection with a creative working community.

Since 2015, owner and creative director Sarah Steininger Leroux has lead a talented team of teaching and production artists at Saltstone Ceramics. From the studio in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood, we've taught, created, and engaged with each other as we grow our community's practice and appreciation of fine craft.

Mug Madness Facts

Mug Madness 2021 will be the third year for this tournament, and will feature Michelle Ettrick and Chris Hosbach as jurors. Past jurors have been Justin Rothshank, Chanakarn Semachai, and Adrienne Eliades. In 2020, the tournament received 243 entries from 166 artists. More than 85,000 votes were cast across all the matches in March 2020. Chris Hosbach is reigning Mug Madness Champion.