Saltstone Ceramics Access

Hello, and welcome to the access code page!

We occasionally offer early or limited access to our products for a few reasons. Sometimes subscribers to our mailing list get first crack at products. Sometimes we have preview sales for invited audiences. Returning students get first crack at signing up for new classes. And we use access codes to enable folks on a waitlist to get into classes.

We understand that you might be eager to get into a class or buy a limited-edition product, but please understand that we don't give out access codes by request. We're doing our best to create thoughtful, equitable systems to ensure that as many people can get the class or pottery they're looking for, but with limited space and stock, we can't satisfy everyone. Thanks for your understanding.

Note that only one access code at a time can be active. Access codes are not case sensitive. Once you've entered an active access code, return to the product you're interested in and it should be available for purchase.

If you have an access code, enter it here.