With our classroom and gallery temporary closed, we're cannonballing into a new initiative: SALTSTONE@HOME!

This is a community effort that we can all rally around. Every day we'll be posting fun projects and tips for a home ceramics practice. And you can send us YOUR videos that we'll share with the rest of the community. 

Stay tuned for more information and fun videos from Sarah, Taylor, Coco, and the rest of the Saltstone community!

How It Works

  1. You get your hands on some clay and tools. You can buy clay online and then pick it up at the shop.

  2. Follow @saltstoneclasses on Instagram to get daily projects, tips, and more. We hope to have a wide range of ideas for a wide range of skills and ages.

  3. Send us your own videos and photos of the fun stuff you're making, neat project ideas, how you're coping with self-quarantine, and more. This is a community effort!

  4. Bring us your work for bisque- and glaze-firing. We charge $20 per box (a clay box, about 0.5 cubic feet) to fire your work. Estimating the size is tricky, so if you're unsure just bring it down to us during our open hours and we'll eyeball it for you.

    • To protect our kiln, we will only be firing clay that you buy from us
    • If underglazing is your thing, use only Amaco Velvet underglazes.
    • If you want to glaze your bisqueware, use either Mayco Stroke & Coat brand brushable glaze (NOTE: This is, in fact, a GLAZE, NOT an underglaze) or Coyote brand Cone 6 glazes.
    • We can also glaze your work for you! Gather all of your bisqueware together in a box, and write your glaze choice (one color, single dip) on the bottom of each piece. We will wax and glaze the pieces for you and let you know when they are ready for pick-up.
    • Be sure to legibly sign your work with an underglaze pencil!

  5. Pick up your finished work, smile, repeat!