Mug Madness Preview Sale: February 29th

Saltstone Ceramics

We're excited to be hosting our first ever Mug Madness Preview Sale at our Wallingford, Seattle gallery on Saturday, February 29th from 7pm to 10pm.

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This is your chance to beat the crowds and get first pick from the 64 Mug Madness entrants and more than 200 unique, handmade mugs we'll have in stock to celebrate everyone's favorite mug-themed head-to-head bracket tournament.

Doors open at 7pm, with sales to begin shortly afterward. Sales are limited to 1 mug per person until everyone in the gallery has had a chance to pick their favorite.

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In addition to the 64 Mug Madness participants, we'll be featuring brand new mugs from our Mug Madness 2020 jurors, Adrienne Eliades and Chanakarn Semachai. We've also got mugs from last year's Mug Madness juror, Justin Rothshank, and from last year's runner-up, Danielle Hawk. And we're getting fresh work in from Sarah Steininger Leroux, Coco Spadoni, Ayame Ceramics, Eshelman Pottery, and more!
And of course we'll have tasty treats and drinks to make sure everyone enjoys the show.

Mugs from participants in the tournament will be available for pick up after the tournament is completed. All other mugs will be ready for you to take home right away!


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