Dwayne Nii-Teiko Sackey

I do not aim for “flawlessness” – my work leaves a trace of a fluid, organic process and a human set of hands.

Windswept trees, cold blue bodies of water, and lichen covered granite boulders intrigue and inform my artistic palette.

Gentle curves, textured surfaces, and meandering lines speak through my art. Atmosphere, expressive brush strokes, and simple glazes mimic the timelessness of nature.

Sackey earned his BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft in 2019. Merit-based scholarships supported him: the Gregori Jakovina & Larry McDonald Scholarship, the Ellice T. Johnston Scholarship, and the OCAC Community College Scholarship. In 2019 Sackey showed at the Multnomah CountyJustice Center, and Sackey is a recipient of the 2021 studio potter grant for apprenticeship alongside his mentor Chris Baskin.