Laura Williams

Laura is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus in functional ceramics. They teach ceramics classes in Chicago, IL with The Digs Chicago and Lillstreet Art Center.

My work explores themes of color, process, material, narrative and play. Functional wares are formed using methods of pinching, the potter’s wheel  or slab forming. Decoration is achieved through use of mason stain, terra sig, slip, glaze, underglaze and or the underglaze pencil.

I keep a multidisciplinary practice, which spans from representational cartoons, prints, illustrations, paintings, clay sculpture, and functional ceramics. When working in clay I hope to create bright, playful functional ware that is a conversation between color, design, material and form. I’m interested in the way clay records our every choice; throw lines, finger prints, brush strokes, even sometimes our moods. It’s always exciting to see the way people’s personalities are exhibited in their wares. In an increasingly machine driven society, it’s refreshing when handmade items feel refined, yet human. Returning to the earth in a tradition that’s been passed down for centuries feels natural, grounding and necessary. I believe we were designed to live in a community with one another. I feel grateful to the material for repeatedly providing me with one.

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