Coronavirus Update 3/24

Steve Leroux

A new order from the Governor of Washington State has closed all non-essential retail businesses, including ours. Our retail pickup window will no longer be open to sell clay, pottery tools, or fine handmade ceramics.

The continuing and expanding closures of small businesses like ours is devastating to us and our employees. Rebuilding the social, cultural, and economic fabric of our community is going to be a formidable challenge. But we think Gov. Inslee's choice is the right one: stay home, stay healthy.

But while we're stuck at home, we're still hard at work!

First and foremost: our online gallery is still open, and we're still shipping out pots. Every purchase you make with us gets spread around the ceramics community and helps to ensure artists will still have a place in the post-coronavirus economy.

Sarah and Coco are still sharing videos for the Saltstone@Home project: follow along on Instagram and YouTube.

We're exploring other creative ways, like Saltstone@Home, to keep our employees occupied and getting paid. This is a real challenge, but we've got a few more ideas that we're investigating, so stay tuned.

And finally, we're doing are best to keep making extraordinary things. Some days are a little more challenging than others, but we're hoping to have lots of beautiful new work to show you when we're able to open the doors again.

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